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Kritle - Profiles

Create your profile, start following, catch up to date suggestions!

You can create your profile instantly with its simple and easy use. When you find your friends and start following them, your homepage will be filled with suggestions! Do not forget to add suggestions to your krit-list in order not to forget them. You can easily access your krit-list and messages from your profile page.

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Kritle - Discover

Discover movies, books, or TV series that you can Krit!

Didn't you see any interesting content on the homepage? So how about browsing our discover page which is customized for you? From the discover page, you can easily access the most krited and highest rated contents. Choose genres and start exploring so you don't miss out on content that interests you!

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Kritle - Share

You are a ciritic! Give your score and make your comment!

Tell your friends about the book you read, the TV show or movie you watched! You are the critic here. Give your score, make your comment. If you make a comment with a spoiler, do not forget to check the 'spoiler' button!

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Kritle - List

Create your krit-list, do not get caught off unprepared to enjoy!

Follow your homepage to create your krit-list with up-to-date suggestions. Don't waste time for searching movies, books, or TV series. To avoid getting caught unprepared, download the app now and start kriting!

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